Third Generation is a university admissions consultancy headquartered in Japan.
We partner top universities and colleges in Malaysia and Japan, and provide comprehensive university admissions diagnostics and personalised education counselling to students.

Third Generation enables and provides the growth of young talents by study abroad.

We started life as a Japanese Student Association in Malaysia(JSAM) that is the biggest Japanese student association in the world.

Company Information

Trade name Third Generation, Ltd.
Representative Kentaro Matsuno, Founder and CEO
Area Representative Nana Kato, Japan Office Manager
Founded 6, June, 2019
Japan Office 2-1-2-1201, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 104-0045
Corporate Registration No. 0200-01-131538

Third Generation&Co. History

2016. 9 Established JSAM Malaysia Japanese Student Association, the predecessor of Third Generation.

2016.10 Held the first Malaysian career event for Japanese students
(Co-sponsored: Minavi Co., Ltd., UNLOCK DESIGN Co., Ltd.)

2017.4 Tailor's University branch started up under university official recognition

2017.10 Sunway University branch, Monash University branch established in each university

2017.11 Holding the 3rd Career Seminar. Number of registered students exceeded 200 pax

2017.12 Implemented a lecture on promoting study abroad at Ikumonkan High School (Tokyo) and Omi brothers high school (Shiga)
We have started to lecture on Malaysia at Secondary school, High school, and University in all of Japan

2018.4 "How to Job Seminar in Japan" held, the number of registered students exceeded 300 pax
(Co-sponsored: REERACOEN (Neo Career Group))

2018.7 Appeared in the distribution program for international students all over the world "Overseas international students talk about, Job hunting victory method".
It is the first appearance as an active student. (Co-organizer: Minavi Co., Ltd.)

2018.8 Held "Malaysia Study Abroad / Training Seminar" at ASEAN Japan Center (Tokyo)
(Co-sponsored: Malaysia Tourism Board, Japanese Government · Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)
2018.8 Japan's first Asian study event, “NEXT study abroad EXPO 2018 " held
(Attracted guests: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Tobitali Studies, Malaysia Tourism Bureau, Musashino High School / University)
2018.10 Joint briefing session for the first Japanese student in Southeast Asia & holding selection "Career Fair for Japanese Speakers in Malaysia"

2018.11 Member of JSAM attended The Malaysia-Japan Economic Association in Japan.
We are encouraged by Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir for our activities.

2019.6 Agent department has become an independent company.
"Third Generation, Ltd
." Founded in Tokyo, Japan.